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Centre Fold Card.

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Version I
Uses cardstock cut to 11" x 6". This will give a finished card size of 5.5" x 6".
Decide how wide you want to make the side panels. Here I have made them 1.5" which gives a middle section of 3".  Mark down 1.5" on your cardstock on the short side and 1" in on the long side. continue to mark at 2" and 6.5". Repeat along the bottom. Cut slits between the 1" and 6.5". Now go back and score on the 1", 2" and 6.5" lines  only down to the start of the paper. Do not score across the centre.
Finally on the middle section mark 5.5" in from the left hand side and score across the middle section only. You should now have card that looks like this.  I have kept this as my template. 
Tip. When deciding how wide to make the side panels i.e 1" 1.5" etc remember the wider that you make them that  this will reduce the width of the middle section unless you first  increase the card width from 6" upwards. 
Here I have made the card up using patterned cardstock.

Version 11
Uses cardstock cut to 12" x 6". This will give a finished card size of 6" x 6". 
Measurements will now be (across the 12" length). Mark at 4.5", 9" 10.5" and the middle section will be scored at 6".
Tip. You can also use a ready made 6" x 6" card blank opened out flat to do the measurements. 
 Note that if using blank card base you will have an unwanted  fold on either side which can easily be covered with a strip of patterned paper cut to fit  when you embellish the card. 
Version 111
Here is the finished shape
At first glance it looks like a lot of precision measuring needs to be done to achieve the desired fold.  I spent a day making up models in all different sizes and have devised a method that eliminates the intricate measuring and I believe is foolproof for any size required.
You can  make this shape using a square card blank or cardstock cut to size. These are the meausrements for using a 5.5"sq blank card.Lay your card out flat (or if using cardstock cut to 11" x 5.5") We are using 1" for the side panels and 1" for the bottom of card when stood upright. From the left handside of card meausre down 1" on short side and then mark at 2.75" along top length.  Mark again at 5.5" and lastly at 10".  Repeat these measurements along the bottom.  Cut between the 2.75" mark and the 10" mark, top and bottom. If you have used a card base the middle score will already be done (If using cardstock score  at 5.5" down the middle of the card, longside to longside)Now go back and score the middle section only (not the 1" side panels)at the 2.75" and then at 9" and 10".
Card should now look like this. If you look at the card shape sideways it will resemble the pitch of a roof.You will now see a flat piece of card (the floor) along the bottom of this picture. This is where we need to place the last fold but we are not going to do any fancy measuring. 

 We are simply going to concertina the card flat and bring the card edges together.
Lay card flat on your scor board and using a bone folder score the final fold into place. 
This is the finished card shape  which you can now decorate as desired.
 Iv'e made the same card up in patterned paper as I think it is easier to see the folds. 
 This is using a 6"sq card base. Centre fold will be at 6". The measurements along the top length of card will  3" 6" 10"and 11". This is again giving a 1" fold at base of card and 1" side panels.

If you look at the reverse side of the card this is what you will now see. Bring the two clips down together  at the  base of the card.
Clip together.

 Use you bone folder to create the last fold. 

Here you can see the two sizes side by side.  5.5" in white and 6" in the pattern.

Tip. These measurements will work for all sizes of sq cards as long as you remember that the first score line on the left (which is also the first mark for cutting ) must always be half of the folded sq. or 1 qtr of the length of the carstock laid out flat.
ie. for a  5.5" sq it  will be 2.75" 
               6"   sq it will be   3"
              6.5" sq it will be   3.25"
               7"   sq it will be   3.5"
              7.5" sq it will be   3.75"
              8"    sq it will be   4"
You can vary the width of the side panels but keep the base to 1" for the smaller sizes.

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Very good of you to show your tutorials for the centre fold cards which are so good and explain easily to follow thank you l like to used this type of layout on Christmas cards enjoy your day xx