Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Dutch Fold Card

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Version I

Uses one whole piece of  cardstock cut to 11" x 8". This is the easiest version to make . 
 Measure 9.5" along the 11" length and mark a faint pencil  line down to bottom. On the left hand short side measure down 2" from the top and 2" up from the bottom and again mark with a pencil. These are your  cutting line guides.  Either use scissors, a blade knife or a trimmer to cut down to the 9.5" line at the right hand edge on both of the 2" line markers.
You should now be left with the cardstock as below. Score the card at 4.75" from the left hand edge and fold down to meet the flaps. Score the flaps and fold into the centre of the remaining card.
You now have your Dutch fold card and can decorate as required. This gives you a finished card size of  6.25" x 4"

Version II
To make the same card this way requires two pieces of cardstock to be cut.  Cut first piece 10" x 4". Measure along the 10" length and score card at 4" and fold. 
Cut a second piece of cardstock to be 8.25" x 2" 
The next measurements need to be quite precise to make sure that the cards fit together. 
You should now have two pieces of card as below.  Fold the score lines to the middle of the card on the narrow piece. 

Use either double sided tape or glue to attach the narrow piece to the bottom of the card.
 Your card is now ready to embellish.  This gives you a finished card size of  6." x 4"

Version III
You can also make this card shape using a ready made square blank card. Here I have used a 5.5" x5.5" card. With the card left folded cut off a strip 1.5" wide to give you  two cards.
 Tip. The thin strip when opened out flat will measure 11"x 1.5" so place  centrally behind the bottom of the card and score on either side as shown in picture below.

 Mark front of folded card at 4" from the fold and cut the remaining away but only on the front of card. (Tip. Do not cut the back). On the 11" strip measure  in 1.5" and 9.5" and mark with a dotted line. The excess can now be cut away.

Attach to back of card. The finished card size will be 4" x 5.5" 

Tip. Measurements from a 6" sq card will be as follows.
Cut a strip from bottom of card 2" wide to give you a  card piece 6" x 4" and a strip opened out flat 12" x 2".
Measure 4" from the folded edge of card and cut away the remaining from the front of card only.
Place the the thin strip centrally behind the bottom of card and score on either side (as shown in the example above for the smaller card). 
On this  strip measure  in 2" and 10" and mark with a dotted line. The excess can now be cut away.
Finished card will now be  4" x 6"

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