Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Z Fold Card.

is for 

Version I

This tutorial is for making a Double Z Fold Card.

1. Start by using card stock cut to 11" x 6.75". Then score on the long side at  2.75" and again at 5.50". 

2. Turn card to short side and mark at 5.50". Cut this stip off all the way down the length. 
N.b It is important to score at 1. first before cutting so that both have the correct score lines on them.

 3. You should now have two cut  pieces as shown here. 

small strip will be 11" x 1.25"
4. Stand  card upright and place the short strip in front to be in the configuration shown below.
i.e the 5" score line to the left  (the opposite way round to the card base)

5. Decorate the card base and the strip with your chosen design papers. Attach  double sided tape to each end of the strip but  you only want part of the left hand strip stuck down so turn to wrong side and mark a pencil line where it comes  on the first fold.

6. Attach the strip at the height you want it ot be on the card. Attach left hand side first then hold rest of base card closed and attach the right hand side to meet the right hand edge as shown here.
7. You now have your double Z fold card and can finish decorating as required.

8 On this card the image nearly covers all of the base card so the strip does not need to be as long to reduce bulk.

Version II

This tutorial is for making a Swinging Z Fold Card.

1. Start by using card stock cut to 9" x 5". Then score and fold (as shown) on the long side at  2.25" and again at 4.50".  n.b. I am using patterend card stock for my base card.
 2. Cut your 2 insert pattern papers slightly smaller than 4.25" x 5"  and adhere 1 to the right hand side of base card. Before doing the same on the left hand side adhere extra double sided  strips in the centre of the card. (This is where you will be die cutting your aperture for the swing section so it needs to be securely held down in place). 
3. Place your die cut (here I have used a butterfly die but you could use a square or a heart  shape or any shape that if the  the die cut is cut from paper and  folded in half it is the same design on both halves) over the first score line and lightly tape down in place. 
 4. Use you die cutting machine to die cut the shape but only place the top cutting plate up to the first score line (not completely over the whole die cut). This will ensure that only half of the die will be cut into the cardstock.  If you prefer you can use a scalpel or craft knife and hand cut round half of the shape. 
 5. You can see here that only half of the butterfly has been cut out. Die cut a further 2 identical shapes from contrasting design paper and glue to the front and back of the cut shape  ie  either side of the butterfly shape. 

 6.  Fold the card on the score lines (the cut design will pop out as the card is opened up) and decorate as required.
 N.b. Make sure that when folded that any sentiment you place inside the card is hidden by the die cut. As you can see here, the Happy Birthday is completely covered by the butterflies wings when the card is closed flat.

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Sandra H said...

Your tutorials are brilliant and the cards made from them are fabulous x