Monday, June 14, 2021

Quad Easel

is for 

N.B. This is a lengthy post with a lot of pictures!!

1. For  the base card cut cardstock 29.5cm x 14.5cm. Score in half and fold.

2. Decorate the front with a design paper which is Not directional with its pattern.
3. Cut (4) pieces of plain card 13.6cm x 6.8cm

4. Cut (4) pieces of plain card 6.8 cm x 6.8cm
5. Cut (4) pieces of patterned design paper 6.5 cm x 6.5cm. Do not use a direction pattern such as hearts or stripes as this will complicate the instructions further down. 

6. Cut a further (4) pieces of design paper using a different  pattern. 6.5cm x6.5cm
7. On the 4 long panels ( see 3. above) score and fold in half and then score the top half corner to corner as below. N.b. To be scored all in the same direction. ie. top right down to bottom left. 

8. Choose one of your patterned 6.5cm sq designs and attach below the scored top half. Attach the second pattern design paper to the 6.8cm plain squares as shown below.
9. Attach d.s. tape to the folded down triangle as shown below. 
10. Attach  the 6.8cm sq card and press down firmly.   On the back attach 3d dimensionals. (I always use strips of the waste cardstock.This is 3 stripes glued together which i find gives a nice clearance without being too high.)
11. Now cut  card stock as follows.
4 pieces ( ie.magenta card) 2.2cm x 6.5cm
4 pieces (ie. green card)  1.8cm x 6.5cm
4 pieces (ie. Pattern design) 1.5cm x 6.3cm  (slightly shorter).
12. Layer all 3 pieces together and then using 3d.dimensionals attach across the base of the easel card. I have placed mine at 1.5cm up from the bottom as shown below. N.b. Where you place this strip will decide how much the easels open up. Much higher/lover than this when you place on the base card then they could get caught against each other. This is also  where you do not want to have used a directional design on the easel base as they get turned placing on the card base. If you choose to do so then you will have to think it through carefully as you construct each easel card. 
13. Your mini easels should now look like below. 

14. It is best to go ahead and decorate them now before attaching to your base card. 
15. Close up of two from above. 

16. Now choose how you want the base card to open.  Hinged at the the top
17. Or hinged at the side (as a conventional card would be.
18. Starting at the bottom left put  your first easel in place (n.b. do not attach at this point to the base of card.)
19. Place second easel as shown below and rotate  base clockwise.

20. Now add third easel as below and rotate clockwise. 
21. Add last easel as below.
22. When you are happy with the spacings and the sentiments are where you want them to be then finally add to the base either using 3d dimensionals as in (10 above)
or as in my case the strips of glued together card stock that I have applied d.s. on. 
23. Your finished card should look like this.
24. Card folded flat for posting.
25. Displaying one easel propped up.  
26. Decorate the inside of your base card as required. 


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Your tutorials are always among the best Mrs A! I tend to be easily intimidated by fancy folds but you make them seem (almost) easy!

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