Saturday, September 18, 2021

Windmill Card

is for 

Version I

This is the finished card.
The instructions below are for the Windmill element only and not the whole card design.

1. You will need 
1 piece of cardstock 76mm x 76mm
2 pieces of cardstock 67mm x 67mm
4 pieces of 1st design pattern 32mm x 32mm
4 pieces of 2nd  relief design pattern 32mm x 32mm

See picture below.

2. Put the larger blank square to one side and place the smaller blank squares to form the following design

3. Attach small pieces of d.s tape to all 8 points as shown below. 

4. Now starting at the top left (of picture as you are looking at it) and working your way round clockwise start to adhere the small squares in alternate design papers as show below.

1st square

2nd square

3rd square

4th square

5th square

6th square

7th square

5. The last remaining square shown to the side in the picture above now needs to be slotted in over square 7 and under square 1 as shown below. 

6. You will find you  have a slight space left in the centre  but you can easily cover up. I punched a small circle out and adhered as shown below. 

7. Your windmill design is now complete and just needs to be adhered to the large blank square that you had put to one side.  Depending on how you attach you will get a very subtle change in the look as shown in the two examples below. 
Effect 1

Effect 2

Version II

This is the finished card.
The instructions below are for the Windmill element only and not the whole card design. 

1. You will need
1 piece of plain cardstock 102mm x 102mm  (4" x 4")
2 pieces of 1st design pattern 34mm x 34mm
2 pieces of 2nd relief design pattern 34mm x 34mm

See picture below.

2. Take your 4 small squares (two of each design paper) and round off opposite corners as shown below.

showing opposite  rounded off corners

3. Next cut each square into triangles going from one non rounded to the other as shown below.  These are the pieces needed to create your windmill. 

4. Take your large blank square and lightly mark in pencil 2" ( 51mm ) which is the middle of each side. Do this on all four sides. Then take a ruler and mark a large X in the centre of your square going from each corner to corner. These are your guide lines for placing your cut pieces. . 
5. Take the darker of your chosen design papers and adhere down in the order shown starting at the top and moving round clockwise using your pencil lines for placement.
6. Now fill in the spaces in between with the lighter design paper as shown below again going round in a clock wise  order.

7.  N.B. There is a very  good reason for following No's 5 and 6 above as you could quite easily end up going wrong as below if you don't!!

8.  Neaten off the centre with a punched circle or even a small flower die. 

9. I have included this variation here for you as well which I found when having a spuddle with papers out on my desk. . This was created by using small squares of two different sizes and making the base card bigger.  I would not make your squares any smaller than  the 34mm x 34mm. Instead cut just two at 34mm and go up a size and cut 2 more  at 45mm x 45mm and make your base card  127mm x 127mm ( 5" square).I cut the windmill in the one colour design paper as well and used a darker background. 

N.B. There are lots of other windmill tutorials but I have chosen  not to include here as they require the points of the windmill being folder down into the centre and attached  with a brad through the centre. This makes for a more (bulky) 3d effect card and not good for posting. The above are nice and flat. 


Alice (scrAPpamondo) said...

Love this! It seems easy and quick to make. Thank you!

KT Fit Kitty said...

Okay, I think I can do this!