Tuesday, February 01, 2022

Latch Fold Card

is for 

This is a picture of the finished card design.

1. Cut cardstock of your choice to  7" x 5.5"".  Score on the long side (7") at 2" and fold.

2. Cut cardstock of your choice 4.5" x 3.5". Score on the  4.5"  at 0.5" and 0.75" and fold on both lines. n.b. This is my version of making this card. I have not seen anyone else making it with a gusset.

3. Attach d.s. tape (or glue if preferred) along the 0.5" fold.

4. Attach to the base card as shown below.

5. This creates the gusset when closed as shown here.

6. Cut a piece of design paper of your choice  as below to cover the inside of the card and adhere.

7. For the latch element cut a 2" punch circle. Cut a Fancy label punch or die to fit and stamp with your sentiment of choice. 

8.  Decorate the front panel on the card  and front of the gusset fold as required. 

8. Adhere the sentiment label to the circle and then 3d tape to the left hand side only on the back of the circle.

9. Adhere to the front  panel so that the gusset panel has room to tuck under and close the card. 

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