Monday, July 18, 2022

Faux Stepper Card

 is for 

Version 1.

This is a picture of a  finished card using the design instructions to make. 

1.  Cut a piece of cardstock 9" x 5"  and score on 9" long side at  3.25", 6.5" 7.75"
This is the base Card.

2.  Fold card stock on these score lines as shown below.

3.  Card base should now look like this when stood up.

4. Cut another  piece of cardstock 8.5" x 3.25"" This is to create the Faux Fold. Score on long side at 3".

  5.  Fold card stock on this score line as shown below.

6.  Cover your base card with design paper of your choice as shown below.

7.  Cover your Faux fold strip with a contrasting design paper as shown here.

8.  Now choose whether you are making a Left hand stepper 

a Right  hand stepper 

or a Centre stepper  and attach (with ds tape or glue) the bottom of the Faux card strip to the front fold of the base card as indicated in these photos. 

9.  Turn card over to the back and attach the faux flap to the back of the base card using ds tap or glue as these photos indicate.

10.  Attach design paper to the back of card to cover the join to neaten. 

11.  Your card should now look like this and you can decorate the front as required. 

Version 2.

1.  Here is another version  of the card.  I have made the Faux panel  2.5" wide and increased the base card to be 6" wide.  All other measurements for the folds/score lines remain the same. I have attached my image  to the back step thus creating a different look to the card. You can also make this to be a Left hand or a Right hand stepper card. 

Version 3.

1.  Here is another version . This creates an inverted Centre stepper  card. I have made two faux stepper panels. One on each side of the base card. These are 1.5" wide. Base card is again 6" wide so this gives a centre gap of 3" to insert your image which is attached to the back step of the base card. All other measurements for the folds/score lines remain the same.


Freubelmina said...

Wow, I love both xx

NanaConnie said...

I like them all but I'm going to try Version 2 for a card I'm making today. :-D Thanks so much.