Saturday, August 01, 2020

Double Point Fold

is for 


Version I
1. Uses cardstock cut to 4.25"" x 5.5" for the card base.  You will also need a piece of patterned card stock  cut to 4" x 5.25"

2. To make the points you will need two pieces of contrasting design paper  cut to 
    3" x 4". Score at 1" down the long side.

3. Turn paper over and make a mark at the half way point i.e 2". Fold each corner into the this centre keeping level with the 1" score line. 

4. This will create the two v shape points.  Stick or glue the flaps down in place.

5. Using glue or d.s. tape attach the points to both the top and bottom of the design paper.
6. Attach the 1" flap to the reverse side of the design paper.
7 The front should like this.

8. Attach to the base cardstock.

9. You are now ready to complete the front of your card.
10. From plain cardstock cut a piece that measures 2.25" x 4". Mark 1" down top and bottom  and pencil a line across. Make a mark at the centre point top and bottom. draw lines from this central point out to the edge of the cardstock to create the points. Either use scissors or a trimmer to cut the corners off.
11. Cut a duplicate from the design paper and on the reverse mark in 1/8th" all the way round  and then either trim with scissors or your trimmer on this line.

12. Attach these two pieces together as below. 
13. Attach the panel to the top point only on the front of the card so that card is free to open up. A sentiment/verse/plain panel can be inserted here.

14. Finish decorating the front as required.

Version II

This shows a different way to create the double points and also has a closure to hold the front flap down in place.  

1. Uses cardstock cut to 4.5" x 11.5" Score either end on the long side as shown below.

2. On the two scored ends mark the centre point which will be 2.25". From this mark draw lines out to the score line as shown.  Either cut with scissors or use a trimmer to cut away the corners. 
3. Card base will now look like below. Fold and score well on the two creases.

4. Cut two pieces of design paper that are 4.5" x 2.75". Make sure that if your are using a directional paper (as I have here with wording on) that you cut the points going in the right direction for the top and bottom of the card. n.b  See 6. below.
5. Find the middle of the paper again and mark. Draw two lines out to the corners from this point and either cut with scissors or use a trimmer to remove the corners.
Cut on the inside of the line so that the finished points will be slightly smaller than the points on the base card.
6. You can see here that my wording is cut so that it is the right way up on both of the points.  Cut a piece of design paper that is 4.5" x 5.75" for the inside of the card. 
7. Attach the design paper to the base card. You may need to trim the edges down  slightly to fit as it will depend on how thick your scrore lines are on the card stock. 
8. Add a sentiment is required.

9. For the front closure I have used circle dies for the centre and a smaller circle raised  up with 3d pads for the bottom of the circle to rest behind.  n.b. Make sure that you only attach the circle to the top double point. 

Version III

1. These instructions are for making as a tent fold cad. 
Start by folding a piece of cardstock 4.25" x 11.5" in half to create the tent fold.

2. Cut two pieces of cardstock  4" x 5.5" . Cut another two pieces of design paper  3.75" x 5.25". n.b.  In the photo the design paper is turned over so that I could write  the dimensions on for you to read.
3. Use one piece of the plain cardstock and one of the design paper to layer up and attach inside the tent fold. 

4. Cut two pieces of contrasting design paper as shown below and score on the long edge at 1".
5. Fold the edges into the middle as shown below.

6. Crease well and stick down to create the points. 

7. Using glue or d.s. tape to  attach the points top and bottom of the second design paper so that the 1" flaps are on the reverse side

8. Now attach to the last sheet of plain card stock. and layer onto the front of the tent card.

9. Finish decorating the front of your card as required.  In my example below I have used a punch that creates a tag shape and made two layers up.Remember to only attach to the the top point or the flap will not open up. 

N.b. Using only thin designer paper will ensure that the panels will lie flat. 
The finished card.


Sandra H said...

So pretty Mrs A and the finish is beautiful love the floral paper and nice that you shared your tutorials enjoy your day x

Christine said...

Thank you so much for the tut . . . . love this card and its variations.