Wednesday, February 28, 2018

#96 Spin The Butterfly Wheel with the Letter N.

Welcome back to the new style/format Butterfly Challenge. Thank you all for playing along  with the last challenge.  There were 64 entries so please keep them coming.  Winners results for #95 are in the post below. Make sure you check back as it could be you. No one claimed their prizes on the last challenge.  There are 3 prizes for this challenge.

Come on in.

Lets Spin the Butterfly Wheel.

Each challenge will still be a letter of the Alphabet but there will  now be a choice of 3 Colours and 3 Themes all beginning with the chosen letter.
You must use your butterfly/ies on your creation, 
then you can either choose a Theme or a Colour from the wheel  to enter for the 1st Prize.
If you use a Butterfly + a Theme + a Colour from the wheel then 
you  will also be entered into the 2nd Prize. 
Please state in your post which part of the wheel you are using to play with.
New for this Yr.
If you manage to use all 7 elements of the wheel then you will also be entered into a 3rd Prize.

So lets get started.
The wheel for this challenge is

#96 Spin The Butterfly Wheel with the letter N. 

Here is my inspiration for you.

 My First card. Using Butterfly/Naples Yellow/ Not Square.

Please go to my blog here for further details on how it was made.
Second Card Using Butterfly/Napier Green/Numbers.

Please go to my blog here  for how it was made.

I wonder if anyone can use all seven elements of the wheel for their card.

1st Prize.
(for using either One Theme or One Colour with your butterfly/ies)
Please state in your post which part of the wheel you are using to play with.

Docrafts Papermania
'Colour In Stickers'
+ Butterfly Peg.

2nd Prize.
 (for using both a Theme and a Colour + your butterfly/ies )
Please state in your post which part of the wheel you are using to play with.

Crafts-Too Embossing Folder
'Leafy Swirls'
+ Butterfly Peg.

 3rd Prize.
(For using all 7 elements of the butterfly wheel on your project. )

Signature Collection Die
'Flourishing Leaves'
+ Butterfly Peg.

Please be sure to read all the rules on the tab above
and enter your creations in Mr Linky below.
Please also state if you are only playing for fun.
Happy crafting and see you soon.


brenda said...

Griefy me, I'm first to the party. Like most I am loving the Butterfly Wheel but afraid no stamping was a step to far for me, but managed all the others.

B x

Alice (scrAPpamondo) said...

Lovely theme and your inspiration looks so bright and sunny with that yellow and the stunning handmade flower! Fab easel card!

AlisonC said...

I love these spring colours, must get thinking but no stamping? That will be hard. x

KathyA. said...

I hope I am doing this right. I did stamping on my card but I did choose one option from color and one from theme (yellow and not a square). If this isn't correct... feel free to delete #5. Thanks!

Suzanne H said...

I'm glad I made it this month. The entire month of February flew by and I never made a card to enter your challenge. Thanks so much for the inspiration. I love to see everyone's creations.

Jane Willis said...

I'm aiming for a "full house" this time - if rectangular counts as Not Square then BINGO! (The mathematician in me says it's all about whether you are going by angles of corners or lengths of sides)

Really loving the wheel idea, it's not like a tic tac toe where you have to use three and only three, being able to pick as many elements as you like, or use just one, is far more inspiring.


Jane Willis said...

PS thank you so much for the lovely set of stamps that I won in the last challenge - I found it very tempting to miss out the "no stamping" element and bring them into action!

Barb said...

Hi Mrs. A and what great inspiration again. Now I really like the idea of Spin the Butterfly Wheel but again this one really was a challenge and I didn't think I was going to get here in time. Thanks for another great challenge. Barbxx

mamapez5 said...

This was a great challenge because it did challenge me - to use colours outside my usual range, no stamping, and not square. That was a lot to think about, but I believe I did manage all six. I know there is no need to use them all, but I like trying. Lovely card for inspiration too. I like you yellow flower. Kate x

Karen Petitt said...

Thank you for another fun challenge Mrs A! Beautiful inspirations too xx

Sandy said...

Fluttering in at almost the last minute... Bright colors aren't my comfort zone, so this was a bit of a challenge. Thanks for a fun selection.