Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Mini Miura Fold.

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Version I

  1. Using coloured cardstock cut a piece 11.25" x 5.75". On long side score at 3.75"  and 7.5".

 2. On the first score line measure down 2" and make a pencil mark. From this mark draw a line up to the top edge. From the same mark draw a line to the top of the second score line to make a very wide V shape. Now score these two pencil lines firmly. On the second score line measure up 2" and make a pencil mark. From this mark draw a line down to the bottom edge of the first score line. From the same mark draw a line to the bottom outside edge as shown below. Score these two pencil lines firmly. 
 3. Your card base should now look as below. Gently fold each of the creases so that the card closes down on itself. n.b.  This is hard to show in a photo but using this picture as a guide  fold each crease in the way shown. The top V should fold down and the bottom V up as you close the card. 
 4. Now decorate each of the panels. Cut design paper to 3.75 x 5.75. Make a mark at 2" as shown below and draw a line to the opposite bottom corner. 
 5. Now cut. You will need to trim down slightly to fit the panel. 
6. This is for the last panel. Make sure you cut the design paper in the right direction
7. Repeat for the first panel making sure you reverse the cutting line to be at the top of the panel as shown below.

8. For the middle panel you need to draw a diagonal line 2" from top and 2" up from the bottom. N.b on my card I used two contrasting design papers so I cut one middle section in each paper and only kept the small triangles from one paper and discarded from the second so that I could mix and match as shown. I also transposed the triangles from the front and back panels but this was only done to even up my  design and is not required by you to do so. 

9. To make the belly band closure cut plain card stock 11.25" x .5" wide. Decorate the front as required and score and fold round closed card. Use d.s. tape to adhere. Make sure band is loose enough to be easily removed by recipient. 

10. Decorate inside of card as required. 

Wednesday, December 02, 2020

Lantern Card

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Version I

  1. Using coloured card stock cut one piece 11.5" x 8." 

 2. On long side score at 2", 4", 6", 8" and 10".

3. On short side mark with a pencil at 2", 4" 6" and cut on these marks to make 4 long strips which measure 11".5 x 2"

4. Cut one piece of contrasting plain card stock for the base measuring 6".25 x 6".25.
Cut another piece in design paper that measures 6" x 6". Cut one piece in white card stock that measures 5".75 x 5".75 (This will be for the underside of card base for the greeting and message to be added. ).
You will also need 20 squares that measure one and  seven eights x one and seven eights  in plain card stock and 20 squares that measure 1".75 x 1".75 in a pattern paper as shown below. 

5. Layer up each of the four strips with the squares placing the smallest on top and keeping them all the same way up as below. The short strips on each end will be left blank as these are used to attach to the base card.  Starting at the bottom fold on each score line between the sets of papers  Mountain, valley,mountain, valley, mountain. Crease well and keep folded down.

6. On reverse side of the design paper 6" x 6"  mark on each side at 2" and 4" and using a pencil draw grid lines as shown below. 

6. On right side position  the four folded up strips as shown below. 

7. Tuck the short flaps over to the wrong side and line up with the grid marks as shown. Stick these down using glue or d.s. tape. 

N.b. Attach the plain card stock  now that measures 6".25 x 6".25 to cover  positioning to leave an even border all round. 

8. If you are using sentiments on the strips then stamp and attach before going onto the next stage.  Here I have 2 round ones and two squares that I have placed as shown below. 

9. To complete the top of lantern you will need 2 pieces of plain cardstock  3".25 long by seven eights wide.  2 pieces of pattern paper 3" long by half inch wide. 2 circles, one in plain 1".5 and one in design paper 1".

10. Layer up as shown below and punch a hole in the centre of the circles. 

11. Attach a small length of ribbon for the ring pull through the punched hole and then stick the circle to the centre of the  crossed strips. N.b ,Make sure this is securely attached as it will receive a lot of wear and tare from being pulled up and down. 

12. Position the ring pull as shown below.

13. Tuck under the top folds and stick in place using d.s. tape as shown below.

14. Lantern is now complete. Finish as required with any extra embellishments. 

15. Here is my completed Lantern.  Closed down.

Pulled up.