Friday, June 12, 2020

#143 Spin The Butterfly Wheel with Z for Z Fold Card.

First,  all prize winners from #138 - #141 have now all had their gift certificates sent out to them. Please check your in boxes/spam/junk emails for an email. If you think you should have received and haven't please let me know. 
Second I have been beset with Gremlins so I apologise for the delay in getting the latest challenge up and running. My printer decided to give up the ghost when it needed a new ink cartridge right in the middle of my downloading the papers and images I wanted to use and then once that got sorted my computer decided not to miss out on the party and to crash out on me too. 

Fingers and toes all crossed  that I am now all sorted so here goes. 

We are now onto the last  letter of the alphabet which is Z. Winners results for #142  are in the post below. Make sure you check back as it could be you. Can I please ask that  Winners do acknowledge their prize in the comments on the Winners post as well as emailing their details to me. This way I will know to expect an email.  Please state if you are only playing for fun so that it gives someone else the chance to win.

Come on in.
Lets Spin the Butterfly Wheel.
Each challenge will be a letter of the Alphabet with  a choice of 3 Colours and 2 Themes all beginning with the chosen letter.
New for this Yr. The 7th element of the wheel is a card shape.
(The discerning amongst you will notice that there is now an added page along the top under the Butterfly Banner called Card shapes.)
There will be a card shape for the letter being used for each challenge and I will be showing a tutorial on this page with hints and tips for making the cards. 

The card shape is not mandatory but if you do use it you will qualify for the top prize without having to combine all of the other 6 elements onto your card. You must of course use your butterfly.  The shapes will all be easy ones, just a different way to either fold or cut your basic cardbase. 

If you don't want to use the card shape then 
You can either choose a Theme or a Colour from the wheel + Butterfly  to be entered  for the 1st Prize.

If you use a Butterfly + a Theme + a Colour from the wheel then 
you  will  be entered into the 2nd Prize. 
Please state in your post which part of the wheel you are using to play with.

So lets get started.

No surprises as to the last card shape!!

Everything is not all as it seems though and I am going  to make you work for your money!!

The wheel is
 Z Fold Card.

  Your 6 elements are:
Z Fold  Card/ Zenchua/Zinwaldite/ Zinc/Zigzag/ Zebra
+your Butterfly.

N.B. Yes these colours really do exist!!

Zenchua =  Light Purple
 Zinwaldite  = Flesh Tone
Zinc = Bluish Silver 

Zebra = striped. 

Here is my inspiration for you .

First card using:

 Z Fold Card/Zenchua/Zinc/Zebra/Butterfly.

A Double Z fold card.

Second card using:

 Z Fold Card/Zenchua/Zinc/Zinwaldite/Zebra//Butterfly.

Again a Double Z fold card.

Third card using:

 Z Fold Card/Zinwaldite/Zinc/Zigzag/Butterfly.

Swinging Z Fold  card.

Fourth card using:


Papers from Card-making-Downloads.

You can see more details of the cards here on my blog.
Also tutorials are on the Card shape Page at the top under the banner header. 

Please Note.
Due to the current situation with the wide spread of Coronavirus
I have reluctantly decided to opt for sending out Gift Certificates instead of the usual prizes.
I will return to sending prizes as soon as the World is back to normal. 

My Gift Card choice of company 
  for this challenge is 
who specialise in Instant Card Making Downloads.
 There are well over 900 digi stamps to choose from.
They also have a huge range of downloadable A4 papers available.  
Along with Card making kits there is something for everyone.

1st Prize.
(for using either One Theme or One Colour with your butterfly/ies)
Please state in your post which part of the wheel you are using to play with.

Gift Certificate.

2nd Prize.
 (for using both a Theme and a Colour + your butterfly/ies )
Please state in your post which part of the wheel you are using to play with.

Gift Certificate.

  Top Prize.
For using the Z fold element  + Butterfly
(It is not mandatory to use any or all of the other elements
but I'd love to see if you do. )

Gift Certificate.

There will also be a Special 7 Elements  Prize Draw
for those using all of the 7 Elements.

(This is in no way compulsory just an added fun extra). 

Please be sure to read all the rules on the tab above and the new prize requirements.

Enter your creations in Mr Linky below.
Please also state if you are only playing for fun.

Happy crafting and see you soon.

Please Note.
I have again decided to let this challenge run for 3 weeks.

Have Fun
and above all stay Safe and Well.

Remember there is no safety in numbers!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Winners #142

Thankyou to everyone who came and played along in the last challenge. There were 27 entries in all. I am so very grateful that you have taken the time to come and participate in these unsettling/unprecipitated times we are finding ourselves in. All your cards were lovely. Well done all of you that had a go making the Yo Yo Spinner. 

I have selected the following non shape cards for my top 3 and in numerical order they are as follows:

#6  Sherry G.
Love that image and the circle of butterflies.

#19  Alison C.

I love the balance of colours here.

#26  Valerija.
Beautiful Shabby chic.

My top 3 Yo Yo Spinner Cards in numerical order are as follows:

#3 Elisa.

This card is a Wow!

#5 Sidelle.
Gorgeous coloured flowers in a spin.

#18 Hazel.
Is jplaying for fun butI love this card. 

Congratulations everyone.
please take a bow and help yourselves to
The Top 3
Badge from the side bar.

The Prize winners are as follows.

1st Prize
For using either one theme or one colour + your butterflies.
The Winner picked from the tea cup is:

(13)  KT Fit kitty.

2nd Prize  
For using both a theme and a colour + your butterfly.
The Winner picked by Random Org is :

(12)  Claudia.

Top Prize
For using the X Fold Card element + butterfly.
The Winner picked from the tea cup is:

(9) Aussie Annie.

 The  winner of the Special prize using all 7 elements  is:

(10)  Jane Willis.

Kitty, Claudia, Aussie Annie, and Jane.
Please get in touch using the new email address in the side bar
to collect your prizes.

Please also take the Winner's Badge from the side bar.
Can I also please ask that you acknowledge your win
In the comments box below so that 
I know to expect an email from you. 

Hope to see you all back for #143

Stay Safe and Well.