Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Lattice Card

is for 

Version I
This tutorial is for a very simple lattice card using a die cut frame and thin strips of cut card.  

Start by cutting a die frame. Here I have used a simple rectangle die cut from Crafts-Too. Then cut loads of strips from the same cardstock a quarter of an inch wide.

Turn frame over to the wrong side and adhere ds tape to the frame . It helps to use a grid paper behind the frame. I have attached using washi  tape to keep in place.

Using the grid paper as a guide start laying the strips diagonally onto the frame. Start in the middle and work out to one edge. 

Continue with the rest of the strips until frame is filled.

Now you need to place the strips going the other way by weaving over and under the strips already in place. Again start in the middle and work outwards to one edge. 

Continue until all the frame is filled. 

This next step is optional but it does help to make the frame more rigid. Apply a sheet of acetate cut to size on the same side as the strips. 

Apply to front of base card cut to the appropriate size. 

You can now  go ahead and decorate as required. 


Susan Renshaw said...

This looks very fiddly but I will have a go!!

Alice (scrAPpamondo) said...

Thanks for the tutorial. It seems needing a bit of time and accuracy, but seems useful with scraps, too!

Sandra H said...

How fantastic are you you make it look so easy the results are fantastic xx