Tuesday, November 19, 2019

X Fold Card

is for 

Version I

1. This card is made from one sheet of design paper. Trim to be 11.5"x 8.25".
Cut in half and half again . NB. Choose a design that is not directional and has  a small overall pattern. 

2. You should now have four pieces of card  of equal size.

 3. Using a circle die to fit your card (I have used 3.25") cut a circle into each piece in the same place. n.b Try and cut all four in one go by stacking on top of each other and using washi tape to hold altogether  just on one side so that they do not move.
 I only managed to cut through 3 layers but enough of the imprint was left on the last sheet to see where it needed to be cut.
Using one of the sheets with a circle already cut in it , I re aligned it over the uncut sheet and taped together at the side.  

 I could then replace the die cut in the already cut top piece  (so that it would be aligned with the uncut sheet in the correct place and then run through my cutting machine as below.
 4. Fold each of the sheets in half lengthwise.  You could do this before you cut the circles but I find it easier to deal with flat sheets when cutting out the circles than having sheets with folds in them to contend with.
 5. Open one sheet out flat on your board  design side down and using d.s. tape and wet glue attach one of the folded sheets to the right hand side.
 6. Before gluing the left hand side in place. attach a length of string (I have used bakers twine) right in the fold top to bottom so that it goes completely over the circle. Make sure is it taut. Then adhere the left hand side making sure the string is trapped in the centre.
 7.  Attach the last sheet so that the design is uppermost making sure that all the four edges meet.
 8. Your card shape is now complete and you can add embellishments as required. If you stand it up open and look down on it your will see the X shape that the card gets its name from. It folds nice and flat for posting too.
9.To finish my card  I coloured two circle digi images and die cut using a smaller circle die. 
10. I then stuck one down on one side of the string as shown below. Then adhered the second one on top to capture the string in the middle. 

11 Finished card. 

Version II

1. This card is made from one sheet of design paper. Trim to be 11.5"x 8.25".
Cut in half and half again . NB. Choose a design that is not directional and has  a small overall pattern. (Here I have used a paper which is directional  but have been extra careful to make sure that the butterflies in the pattern are all flying upright!
Fold each of the four resulting pieces in half lengthwise. N.B. I went round the edge of each piece with a toning die so that no white edges would be showing when adhered together.
 2.  Place one flat out with the design side facing down and using ds. tape adhere one of the other folded sheets on the right hand side.  Repeat for the left hand side.
 3. Finally adhere the last piece with the design facing up.
 4. With the card stood up you  will now  have the basic X fold as shown below.
 5. Here I am using large butterflies to decorate the middle of each side. You can use any solid shape just make sure it is symmetrical i.e both side of these butterflies are the same when folded in half. 
 6. Fold each butterfly in half and then on each side make another slim fold  just catching the wings as shown below. These folds are the only parts that you will attach to the card
7. Lay the butterfly flat matching the fold on the butterfly to the fold of the card and using ds tape attach the butterfly to the card base by the outside folded edges only. Fold the butterfly out so that it folds in the opposite direction to the fold of the card as shown below.
 8. The card will now look like this when stood up .The card will naturally fold down flat for posting.


Sandra H said...

Great tutorial and fabulous card x

DorothyA said...

Thank you for this great, fun idea! Good photos and explanations!