Tuesday, September 07, 2021

Vertical Window Card.

is for 

Version I

1. For the base card cut cardstock 4" x 11".

2. Fold card in half to create a tent  fold with the folded edge  to the top.  
Cut a piece of Designer paper slightly smaller than the front  and adhere using a sheet of double sided adhesive tape. 
3. Die cut a frame from the front only. 
4. Cut another piece of card (use no heavier than 120-160gsm) to fit the card front  and adhere a sheet of vellum over it again using the double sided adhesive sheet. 
n.b  If you pull back the cover/masking sheet just a little and cut away then it is much easier to line up with the card stock and also the vellum. Once you are happy with the position stick down that part and then peel away the rest of the backing sheet and you will get no bubbles as shown in the pictures below.

5. Use ds.tape to adhere to the inside of the window panel. The vellum showing  to the outside.

6. I have used a red card with an opaque  butterfly patterned vellum (and you can see how the red hue comes through) to die cut the butterfly embellishment for the front of the card. 

7. For the inside of the card I have used the same opaque butterfly paper and put the gold cardstock behind it. You can see here how different it looks. Design paper can be used instead and then you would not need to use the adhesive sheet. 
8. Here is the finished card. 

Version II

1. For the base card cut cardstock 4" x 11". and 4" x 10.5". Fold and score each piece in half  to created two tent shapes. 

2. The larger tent fold is your outside  card. Cut a light weight piece of designer paper  to fit the front half and adhere using a sheet of double sided adhesive tape.
In the picture above you can see the folded tent card is on the left with the fold to the top, design paper in the middle and adhesive  sheet on the right.

3. For the smaller tent fold (with the fold placed to the bottom) cut and  adhere a piece of design paper to fit.
4. Adhere to the inside of the larger tent shape with the fold at the bottom so that it opens downwards. This creates the Tri fold. 

5.Choose a die that has a complete cut out and die cut from the front of the card only. Keep the insert frames but not the intricate waste pieces. 
6.Close the front of the card over the inserted card and glue your die cut shapes through the created windows so that the shapes are adhered as shown below. 
7. Die cut another set  matching shape/s to adhere inside the folded down tent shape. Fold the front of the card down to show you where to glue as shown in the pictures below. 

Finsh inside of card as required.

8. Here is the finished card when closed 
and when opened. 

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Alice (scrAPpamondo) said...

Such clever idea! Great folding!