Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Joy Fold

is for 

Version I

In this first version I am going to show you how to get all of the base pieces needed to make this card from one sheet of card stock/printer paper 29.7cm21 cm

Using a trimmer cut one piece 8.5" x 4.25" and score at 5.5"
Cut a further piece 8" x 3" and score at 4".

One of the remaining pieces left should now be a strip  which is 1" x 8.5".
Score this strip at 1.5" and 7"
Put the 2 remaining pieces of cardstock to one side. We will come back to them later in the tutorial.

Use design papers from your stash to embellish the  inside of the largest folded card as below.
Attach the smaller folded card to this card as shown and again embellish with design paper. 
Close card and decorate the front panel with a contrasting paper. 
Fold flap over the front panel and decorate to match as below.

Now decorate the narrow strip and retain the small piece of card from  No 2 above.(You are going to use this small strip to stamp a sentiment on.)
From the remaining piece of cardstock (at No 2 above) cut a strip 1" wide. Embellish with the design paper the same as the long strip.  (As you can see the long strip i.e the belly band is not long enough on it's own to go round the card which is why the extra strip is needed)
Stamp your sentiment on the thin strip and trim to fit (onto the 1" strip) as shown below. Use this to bridge the gap on the belly band. 
Now trim the remaining last piece of cardstock as below. This will be used for decorating the inside of the card. (The 1 remaining thin strip is the only piece of cardstock not needed. )

Decorate with a sentiment and any embellishment that you require.
Attach to card as below. 

Finished card. 

I was asked by a fellow blogger to make the pictures bigger with the  written sizes on.  I didn't  want to make all the pictures bigger as I felt the tutorial would just go on and on and be even longer than it already is but I have increased the sizing of all measurements in the written instructions and made the  first picture bigger instead.


Sandra H said...

I just love these style of cards and your tutorial is real clear love the dandelion papers too enjoy your weekend x

Christine said...

Fabulous!!! Super tutorial, thank you so much for sharing

Christine said...

Fabulous!!! Super tutorial, thank you so much for sharing