Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Plaited Fold

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  1. Using coloured cardstock cut a piece 8.5" x 6" , score and fold at 4.25".

 2. To make the plaited fold you need to create a template as below. Cut a piece of cardstock 2" x 6" Mark at 0.5" and 1" along the top and bottom and draw lines down the length.

3. On both of these lines make pencil marks every half inch down the length.
4. On the outside edge mark with a pencil every qtr inch.
5. Starting at the bottom edge join the dots as shown below using a marker pen. 
6. N.b.  As you can only use the template once I suggest that you photo copy several times onto a sheet of copy paper and keep this as your master for printing off further sheets.
7.  Cut off one template to use leaving a border all round as shown  below and fold right on the qtr inch markings. Trim across the bottom of the template. 

8.  Place your template around the already folded cardstock making sure that the bottom is aligned. Now carefully cut along each of the drawn lines cutting through all of the layers i.e. front and back of cardstock/front and back of template. Trim away the last mark at the top as shown below. You can now discard the template. You will be left with the cardstock.

9.  Lay the cardstock out  with the inside of your card facing down on a flat  surface and starting at the top fold every other V shape down as shown.

10.  When you get to the end go back and tuck each of these folds under the one below. The last V fold needs to be carefully snipped away where it is joined on the edges but do not discard as it is needed. 

11.  Glue/stick this V Shape to the top edge of the cardstock to complete the pattern.
12. N.b. Do not forget to tuck under once you have attached. (Picture below is showing before being tucked down). 

13. The plait is now completed and card can be folded back in half. There will be a small triangle at the top which can be cut away for neatness.

 14. The  bottom of card can also be trimmed for neatness.

 15. Decorate your card as required. Here is my example.


Alice (scrAPpamondo) said...

So cool!! It seems not to much difficult, but needs accuracy. I will try, thanks.

Susan Renshaw said...


KathyA. said...

I haven't made one of these cards for a few years. Thanks for the reminder and your usual excellent tutorial.

ionabunny said...

Looks lovely Mrs A. I have some dies that cut patterns like this. I wonder if I have a straight one LOL. Thanks for the template. Hugz