Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Impossible Card.

is for 

Version I

Cut your card stock to 5" x 7" and on the 5" side mark at 2.5" and draw a thin pencil line top to bottom.

Lay cardstock so that the 7" length is at the top of Scor -Pal and score at 3.5" to the pencil line only.

Turn cardstock round so that the opposite 7" length is to the top of Scor-pal. Now score at 1" and 6" but again only to the pencil line. 
One last score line is needed so turn cardstock so that the 5"is to the top of Scor-pal. Now score between 1" and 6" score lines at 2.5" (on the pencil line).
You can now remove the pencil line either side on the 1" panels as these are not needed. 
I have drawn a pencil line on each of the score lines to make it easier for you to see what you should now have on the cardstock. 
Now either cut with scissors or a trimmer on the 1" lines and the 3.5" line.
Do not cut along  the 2.5" line.

Cuts should look like below on your cardstock.

Nearly finished. On flat surface with the 1" flaps towards you fold the middle section to the top of the page and score with a bone folder. 

To make next stage easier to see I have glued design paper to the section we will be twisting.

Hold top of flap with left hand and at the same time with right hand twist the design section over so that the blank side becomes visible.

Now fold the middle section down towards you.
Score fold in the gap now showing with a bone folder.

Your Impossible card is now ready to decorate as required. 

As you decorate cut a thin strip of cardstock approx 1" wide and attach to front of finished card to make card more stable. You can also add your sentiment here. 

Version II

Follow the instructions as above and when you have the cardshape made cut a piece of toning cardstock to 7.25" x5.25" and adhere to base of impossible card. 

Trim a strip 1" wide to attach to the front of the card for the sentiment.
Decorate as required.

Version III

Make your card base in the same way as Version I  above using cardstock cut to 6" x6". Score at 3" for the middle of the card and make the tabs either side 1.5" wide.  In the middle section place your die cut  half an inch from the middle score line and then put through your die cutting machine placing  the Top cutting plate leaving a quarter of an inch of the die clear. 
 This is to leave a tab for the butterfly to stand up with. Carefully cut along either side of this tab.
 You should now have a  middle piece which is free to remove and discard leaving the butterfly element.
 Fold the butterfly down and use a bone folder to crease each side of the tab to the middle only
 Hold the butterfly up and the rest of the card will hang down.As you push the card flat down the other side of the butterfly  will start to  flip over.
 Keep pushing down until the card is flat.
 You will now have the butterfly element standing up ready to decorate.  You can do this with any die cut as long as you remember to make the tab at the bottom before cutting out.
On the decorated card below the butterfly has been additionally cut out using a spotty design paper and adhered to the base card with a further layer added in a contrasting  spotty paper. N.B.  The die cut used  is in two pieces. 1 plain outline and the second die shape has a design cut into the wings.


LesleyG said...

Fabulous tutorial, lovely clear pictures, thanks so much for sharing xxx

Amanda said...

this looks fun x

Karenladd said...

Wow, what a wonderful tutorial! I love that you showed where the cut lines are by sliding a pencil and bone folder through. I've tried to follow magazine tutorials for fancy folds but always get to a point where I can't tell what's going on with the paper cuts and folds. You have a talent for knowing exactly what we need!