Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Bow Front Card

is for 

Version I

1. Start by using card stock  11" x 4.25".

2. On long side score at five and a half, seven and seven eighths , nine and one eighth , ten and five eighths. Fold in half at the five and a half mark and open back out, then valley fold,mountain fold,mountain fold, and valley fold the rest of the score lines.

3. Your base card should now be folded as shown below. 

 4. Fold base card in half as below.

 5. Open and on the thin panel add double sided tape top to bottom. Adhere this fold down. 

 6.  Using design paper of cut a piece that measures 6" x 4 and 1 eighth.

 7.  On 6" long side mark at one and three eighths, three and then four and three eighths. 

 Cut into four panels.

 8.  Adhere the first three panels to the front of the base card to form the bow shape. 

 9.  Adhere the last panel to the inside edge of the card. 
  10.  Cut 2 thin strips of contrasting design paper to fit the small panels either side of the bow front. 

 11.  Card is now completed. Add 3 buttons on the edge of the card to hold the bow in place. Card can be laid out flat for posting.
 Here is my finished card. 

Version II

 1.  Cut plain  cardstock 11" x 5" and on the long side score at 3".

 2.  Cut design paper  7" x 5". On long side score at 0.5", 1", 6" and 6.5".

 3.  Fold on score lines starting at the 0.5" with a valley fold, mountain fold, mountain fold and valley fold.

 4.  Flatten out and die cut an aperture into the centre panel.

 5.   I have used an oval but any shape will do.  Keep the oval insert for later use. 

   6.   On reverse side apply d.s. tape to the end panel as shown below. 

 7  Acetate can be added at this stage to cover the aperture if required. 

  8  Cut 2 strips of cardstock 0.5" x 5" and using d.s. tape adhere together. 

 9  Draw a pencil line at 6" on the longside of the plain card stock and adhere the strip to this line. 

 10  Fold card at the 3" score line so that the edge meets the strip you have just adhered. 

11.   Now adhere the edge of the design paper (that has the d.s. tape on it) to the edge on the right handside of the plain cardstock. 

12.   Add buttons to the strip using 3d pads to give extra room.  

 13.   Tuck the thin strip on the bow front under the buttons on the right hand side.
n.b. The buttons should only  just be holding the folded card on the left handside down. This can be opened to add your greeting inside. 

14.   Your card can now be decorated as required. I used the insert left over from cutting the oval out and placed on the  back of the card to show under the dome.

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