Tuesday, September 01, 2020

Envelope Fold.

is for 


Version I
1. Uses 2 pieces of  cardstock cut to 5.5" x 11" scored and folded at 5.5" to make 2 card bases 5.5 x 5.5

2. Lay cards out as below and on the top card (opening card up like a conventional card) cut/use trimmer to remove a triangle going from top right to bottom left  (as you are looking at photo). On  the second card  opening up backwards  cut/use trimmer to remove a triangle going from top left to bottom right (as you are looking at photo)
3. Card bases should now look like below. 
4. Now attach the uncut pieces on top of each other  to look same as below 

5. When the two triangle shapes are folded over it becomes an envelope card. 
6. Now decorate the back panel and apply d.s.tape to the bottom only before closing
the right hand side triangle over to form an enclosed pocket. 

7. If you are adding a decorated edging attach this to the front of triangle before adding your design paper cut to fit slightly smaller than the triangle.  Pocket is now complete.
8. Cut a piece of cardstock that is 5" x 5" for your insert panel and decorate as required.
9. Decorate the remaining triangle on the inside as you wish. Here I have used cream cardstock to compliment the design paper.

10. Decorate the front of this triangle to match the first one adding the edge if required. Your card is now complete and can be finished off as required.
11. Here is my finished card front.

12. Here is my finished insert panel.

Version II
1. Uses 1 piece of  cardstock cut to 8.25" x 8.25". 

2. Fold up one corner to the opposite  to form a triangle. 

3. Unfold and then repeat with the other corners. Unfold. Cardstock will look like this.

4. Turn card stock round  so that the points are at North,South, East and West. 
Fold the North point down to the centre point of cardstock and bring the South Point up to meet in the centre. 
5. Fold the East and West points into  the centre and cardstock will now look like this. 
6. Turn cardstock over and then fold in half bringing two edges up together as below. Peg in place and then score the folded middle edge. n.b.  It will want to spring open as the folded sheets are quite thick. Keep scoring until it sits flat.  

7. Once well scored and flat, unfold and decorate each triangle separately with design paper. Refold on the crease line as shown below.n.b.  Do not put a crease in the top and bottom triangles. 

8. Fold in half again and peg the sides. 
You will now have a pocket formed on either side with an envelope flap. 
9. Before sticking the sides together these pockets need to be decorated.  Cut two pieces of contrasting paper  5.5" x 2.75" and if required punch one long edge.
10. Unfold cardstock and attach these inside as shown and stamp any images or sentiments that are required.
11. Refold and peg then score the crease line again so that it sits as much flat as possible.
12. Unfold and turn over. Attach (thin)double side tape or heavy duty glue to the short sides as shown below. n.b I only used the white d.s. but I recommend  that  if using tape then the red heavy duty one it best as my sides popped open until I re  did with red tape.  Bring long edges back up and stick sides together. This will  now form a further pocket in the centre. 
13.Cut a piece of contrasting card stock 3.5" x 5.25". If required punch one long edge to decorate.  
14.  n.b.  I have cut a further 2 strips in design paper and punched the same design. I  then lined up the pattern and glued 1 strip on either side.
15.  Stamp and decorate the panel as required or leave blank for a message. 

16.  You can see here where I have stamped and decorated inside the front pocket
and on the reverse pocket. 

17.  Here is my finished card front. 


Sandra H said...

So beautiful and creative x

Alice (scrAPpamondo) said...

Fabulous! Thanks for the tutorial and the inspirations!!