Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Gap Card.

is for 


Version I
1. Cut cardstock to measure 11.5" x 4" Score and fold in half  to make your card base. 

      2. With card folded in half,  measure 3.5" across the top. 
       3. Cut along this line.  
              4. Choose a large sentiment or die cut image and die cut out. Here I have used a Large Love Sentiment.
                5. Glue just the top edges of the die cut and attach to card along the 3.5" edge.
                6. Add glue to the bottom edge of thee die cut.
              7. Attach the piece of card you have cut off lining up the sides with the top piece of card. At this point the card will be longer on the front than the back. 
           8. Turn card over and trim the excess card away at the bottom. 
          9. Tip.  As you can see the excess piece of card is the exact measurement missing from the centre section. This is a full proof way of getting the spacing right.
             10. You can now decorate the rest of the card as required. here is the card that I made. 

Version II
Diagonal Gap.
1. Cut cardstock to measure 11.5" x 5" Score and fold in half  to make your card base. 
2. This card is a diagonal gap so you do need to cut precisely but below is an easy way. Along the bottom of card make a mark at 3.5" from the left (i.e the folded edge). Along the top of card make a mark 3.5" from the right (i.e the cut edges.)
3. Draw a diagonal line in pencil from the top corner of cardstock to the bottom 3.5" mark. Repeat at the top 3.5" mark down to the opposite corner as shown .
4. Cut on these two lines and discard the middle piece which is not required. This now leaves you with the top diagonal attached to the top of the card and a bottom triangle piece. 
5. Tip.  Use the bottom triangle as a template to cut two patterned pieces to cover the front. 

6. Tip.  If you rim just a slither from each of the straight edges then  the patterned paper sits neatly  within the triangles. 
7. Choose the decoration that you want to use as your connecting piece. Here I have used a large scalloped cirlce which has been layered up and a sentiment stamped on the top scallop.  
8. Attach the circle just on the edge to the top triangle. I have used d.s. tape but you can use glue if preferred. 

9. Lay the bottom triangle at the bottom of the card and repeat as above to attach the circle.
10. Finish card as required. I have used patterend paper on the inside of card and added gems o the circle. 

Version III
Upright Gap.
1. Cut cardstock to measure 6" x 9" Score on  long side  and fold in half  to make your card base of  4".5 by 6".

2. With fold of card to top, mark down 2" and cut card across the width.
3. Card will now look like this.
4. Decorate the inside of the card. Here I have used check design paper. 
5. Cut the  piece of card remaining from front  into 1.5" and a 1". You can discard the 1" strip as this in effect becomes the gap .
6. Choose the embellishment that you are going to use to join the gap. Here I am using 3 butterfly die cuts placed at an angle. Put the  1.5"  to the edge of cardbase to determine the gap  needed.n.b.This should be the 1" strip that you have just discarded. 
7. Decorate the two front pieces before attaching your joining  embellishment. 

Version IV
Double Gap.
1. With the previous versions above you have been limited by the size of the card to be made using A4 sized card folded in half. Using my instructions here you can make your cardbase bigger but still use A4 cardstock.

2. Trim A4 cardstock down to be 5" wide. Then score at 6.5" along the length. I have used coloured card and attached to the 6.5" which becomes the base of the card. Fold on this score line. 

3. From the fold down to the edge should be a little over 5". Trim this down to be 2" from the fold.
4. Cardbase should now look like below. 
5. Place the cut away cardstock to the bottom of the card and this will give you your first gap. I am using letters of the alphabet to make words on my gaps.  Here I have positioned the letters to just overlap the top of card. Attach using d.s tape or glue.
6. Move card stock up to just cover bottom of letters and attach.  Measure 1.5" up  from the bottom of card stock  and cut across. This will give you your second gap. 
Decorate your card as required.

7. This next example is for a slightly biggers card.  5" x 7"  but still using only A4 cardstock and a large stamp as the joining piece for the double gap. 
Cut A4 card to 5" wide. Score at 7" along the length and fold. 

8. From fold to  edge will be just over 4.5"

9. From fold cut at 2" and then remaining card stock  as shown in the picture below to give the two gaps.
10. Use a large enough stamp or die cut to cover the gaps. Here I have used a stamp 5.5" tall, coloured and fussy cut out.  Embellished  the 2" fold and the two strips.  I placed one strip to the bottom of the card and positioned the flower so that it covered the top and the bottom strip and then attached with d.s. tape. I then slid the remaining strip under the flower and arranged so that the two gaps were even.


AlisonC said...

Fabuloso. After I've sorted my seeds I'm going to do this!

Sandra H said...

Great tutorial for both your cards they are amazing x

KT Fit Kitty said...

They both look great! The diagonal one looks a bit trickier so I'll see which one I tackle (probably the first one!), but I love both! Thanks for the great tutorial!

Alice (scrAPpamondo) said...

I have never try this, it's a so pretty style!