Monday, September 07, 2020

Flag Fold Card

is for 


Version I
1. Cut cardstock to measure 6" x 8". Score at 4" and fold on the score line to make your card base. 

2. Cut a sheet of design paper to 10" x 6". Score on the 10" length at the following:

2",3",4",5",6",7" and 8".

3. Valley fold at first 2" score line.
4. Then mountain/valley fold to end of score lines as shown below. 
5. Use d.s. tape on both of the 2" x6" panels either end of the design paper.
6. Attach first 2" panel to the cardbase ( made above at 1) on the inside of front, making sure to line up the edges. 
7. Attach the other end to the inside of the base lining up edges as before.
8. Cardbase should now look like below.
9. Cut 3 contrasting squares 2"x 2". Cut a further 3 squares just slightly smaller and adhere together to give you 3 squares. 
10. Decorate as required.
11. Adhere one square to each of the folds inside the card base as shown below. 
12. Leave the middle square till the last so that you get it evenly spaced. Inside of card is now finished and you can go ahead and decorate the front of your card as required. 


Version II
1. This card is basically the same design but you adhere 5 flags to the inside of the cardbase. Make up your card following the instructions above 1 to 8

2. Make up 5 Squares this time 2" x 2" with a smaller insert for each one. Attach to your card base in the format shown below. 

3. Finish off the front of your card as required. 

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