Tuesday, August 09, 2022

Window Card

 is for 

Version 1.
This is a picture of a  finished card using the design instructions to make. 

1.  I have tried to keep the sizing nice and simple so this is a 5.5" x 5.5" card.
Either use a pre bought card blank or cut a piece of cardstock to 11" x5.5" (score at 5.5" on the 11" side and fold to create your card). 

2.  Cut a piece of double sided design card to be 5" x 5" Sq. (n.b. I am using white copy paper here so that you can see more clearly.)

3.  Make a pencil mark at the half way point i.e. 2.5" top and bottom of sheet.

4. Line up these pencil marks using a ruler and place a small pencil dot at 2.5". 

5.  This is the centre point of your sheet.  You can rub out the two sides line marks as these are not needed. 

6.  Now take one corner point and fold over to meet the centre point as shown below. Crease well. 

7.  Repeat on the next corner as shown below. 

8.  Turn paper round and repeat for the third corner as below. n.b. You should now have an envelope shape. 

9.  Now fold in the last corner to create a smaller square.  This will make a  3.5" square. 

10.  Now start to fold back each of the point as shown below. Fold the point so that it just meets the outside edge.

11.  Your completed window should now look like this and you can go ahead and decorate as required. 

12.  If you are stamping directly onto the base of the window as I have in my example card above  then put your sentiment on now  as it is much easier than when attached to the card front. 

N.B. You can cut a slightly larger square to attach your window to, before adhering to you card front. Again as shown on card above in blue.  Also I did not have any double sided design paper in the colours I required so I glued 2 sheets of design paper ( Freebies from a magazine so nice and thin) before folding into the window shape. 

Version 2.
You can create a different look by simply placing  the window squarely on the card instead of diamond wise. See Below. 

1.  I have used the same size window  i.e 5" square design paper  but it takes up less space on your card front so you can make a smaller sized card. This card base is 4.5" x 5.5"

Version 3.
You can even create a slim line version and attach two smaller windows!

1.  I have  used a smaller 4"square (this makes a window that is approx. 2.75") to create this card  the base card is  3.5" wide by 8.25" long.  You will mark your 4"sq at the 2" mark and place your centre dot at 2"
using the pictures above at Version 1 as your visual guide. 

Version 4.
Why not try a double window. It is easier than you think!

1.  I have used a card base that is 4.5" x  6" . Window is created using  a 5" square and a 4" square set inside.

N.B. All of these cards fold flat for posting. 


Sandra H said...

Wonderful cards Mrs A and a fabulous tutorial to follow x

Alice (scrAPpamondo) said...

So easy and clear tutorial, love the origami effect! Thanks!

KT Fit Kitty said...

Thank you for the great tutorial, which is very clear. I think I can do it! As Alice mentioned, it reminds me of origami. Now to find some double-sided paper!

terrie said...

Great direction and easy to follow.
I really want to try the double window one....TFS

Pat said...

Four fabulous cards Mrs A and this is a fold I have never tried so will definitely keep this one in mind as it is a very pretty look to frame either a sentiment or an image as you have shown really well with these wonderful designs. x

ionabunny said...

Gorgeous cards Mrs A. Love the double window. HUgz