Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Pop Up Cards

is for 

Version I
I will start off with this simple design which requires no cutting. Just a couple of folds

1. Cut a patterned base card 8.25" x 6". Score on long side down the centre.  This creates your base card and can be placed to one side. 

 2. Cut a piece of plain card stock ( at least 180/200gsm weight) 8" x 5.75". Score long side at 4" down the centre.  This will be your pop up section for the inside of the card. 

  3. For the purposes of this tutorial I have used a piece of copy paper so that I can write the instructions  and marks where needed.
 On the centre line measure down 3" and mark a dot with a pencil.  On the long side measure across the top 2" in on both sides and mark a dot with a pencil. These 3 dots form a triangle and you now need to use a ruler and score from the 3" dot out to the 2" dot on either side. 

 4. Now make a crease up from the bottom of the card  to the 3" dot in the centre of the card

 and then a fold from that point along the score line to the 2" dot. 
 5. Repeat for the other side. Your card should now look as  shown below. 
and like this when looking down from the top with the card standing up. 

  6. Use a bone folder to firmly crease all of the folds you have created. 
   7. Use either wet glue or d.s. tape on one side only of the folded card as shown below.
8. Place the folded card into the base card making sure that you butt the short fold right up to the centre  line as shown above and close front of card down on top. 

 9. Repeat for the other side and close base card shut. 
 10. When you open up the card you will now have a pop up section which you can go ahead and decorate as required.  
  Example shown below. 

Version II

This is an even simpler fold. 
1. Take your base card  (this can be any size you like)  and  make an insert for it in a patterned paper that is slightly smaller. Adhere together.

2. Take another matching/toning piece of paper and measure as below on the wrong side. To make it easy I suggest that the width of this card should be able to be divided equally by four.  Mine is 5" x 5.75".  The 5.75" is the same as the depth of the insert to keep it nice and neat.  I have scored the 5" side at 1.25",2.50" and 3.75"  giving an equal measurement of 1.25" across the paper. 
3. Turn paper over and attach d.s tape to the two outside scored panels. 

 4. Place one of the tapped sides to the middle of the card and press down firmly.  

 5. Fold on the second score line  and fold the card shut. 
  6. When you re-open the card a pop up box will appear and you can now decorate as required.  See mine below.
N.b. You can of course make the box smaller in height. It does not have to be the length of the card. 


Sandra H said...

Very nice and impressive x

Alice (scrAPpamondo) said...

Great tutorial for a popup card, thanks for sharing