Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Hidden Panels Card.

 is for 

This is a picture of a finished card using the design instructions to make.

Inside of card showing the hidden panels. 

This card is very easy  to make. 

1. Cut cardstock 21cm x 14.5cm. Score in half at 10.5cm.

2. At this point you will need to add your desired design paper to the inside of the folded card. 

3. Cut 4 panels of  Design paper 3.5cm x 13cm. 

4. Cut 4 panels of plain card stock 4cm x 13.5cm

5. Adhere the patterned panels to the blank panels. 

6.  Cut panel in desired  cardstock for the front of your card 10cm x 14.5cm.
Also cut a strip of cardstock 5cm x 25cm. 

7. Fold the strip in half and then in half again to create a valley, mountain, valley as shown below. 

8. Turn strip over to reverse side and adhere d.s. tape to each of the outside folds as shown below. 

9. Turn back  to right side and adhere strips of d.s tape to the centres of each panel as shown below.  N.b. Do not adhere too near to the edges or it will show.

9. Now attach the four panels (as shown below) to the strip spacing evenly.

10. Attach any sentiments/embellishments to the strips at this point as it is easier to do whilst flat. Concertina the panels flat, Open your card and place the panels (spacing evenly top and bottom and to the outside edge) down on the inside of the card front as shown below. 

11. Remove the d.s. tape and then carefully close the back of the card down without moving the folded panels. 

12. Open card back up and concertina the (now attached panels) flat to the back of card as shown below and repeat the procedure above by carefully closing the front of the card down onto the folded panels. 

13. Open card and panels will now be attached as shown here.  N.b. You will not be able to lay the card completely flat  (whilst open) but it will concertina down and close flat for placing in an envelope for posting. 

14. You can now decorate the front of the card as required. 

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crafty-stamper said...

Great fold Valery and love the beautiful Butterfly paper
Carol x