Thursday, January 26, 2023

Standing Pop Up

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Version I
This is a picture of a finished card using the design instructions to make.

1. Cut cardstock 10.5" x 4.25".  Cut another piece to be 5" x 3" N.b. You will need to use 300gms thickness of card.

2. Score the large piece along the 10.5" length at 0.5",1.75",3.75" and 5".

Score  the smaller piece at 0.5" and 1.75" along the 5" Length.

3. Fold on the score lines as shown below but do not use a bone folder on the folds.
Adhere d.s. tape to the two 0.5" folds. 

4. You will need to add your design paper to the back of the cardstock before continuing further.  Cut design paper to be 4" x 4" and adhere to the back panel as shown below. . 

5. Fold back as shown and remove backing from the d.s tape on the narrow edge. 

6. Carefully fold  the narrow edge under and stick down to the back panel.

7. Add design paper to the lower section as shown. 

8. You can now fold the bottom part into a box shape as shown below.

9. Attach design paper to the smaller cardstock.
10. Decide at this point whether you want the pop up in the centre or the left or right of the back panel. Here I am adhering to  the centre. Place the pop up ( folded as shown) to the side of card level with the top  and remove the backing from d.s.tape.

11. Carefully flip over and stick down in your required position keeping the folded panel level with the top as shown. 

12. Lift up panel and you will see that it is only adhered to the back by the narrow strip and not the top edge. (This is correct).

13. Attach d.s. tape as shown below. 
14. Remove backing form d.s.tape and fold down onto the box part of card as shown below. 
15. Card is now done and you can finish by decorating as required. 

Version II
This is a picture of a finished card. It is made using the same instructions as above. Just the sizing is different and I have placed the top panel to the right. 

1. Cut cardstock 11.75" x 5".  Cut another piece to be 6.5" x 3.25" N.b. You will need to use 300gms thickness of card.

1. Score on 11.75" length at  7", 8" 10.25" and 11.25". Score on 6.5" length at 5" and 6"

Continue as before to finish adjusting the designer paper to fit cardstock. 

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Alice (scrAPpamondo) said...

Beautiful way to make a pop up card, love it.