Saturday, January 07, 2023

Tent Fold Card.

 is for 

This is a picture of a finished card using the design instructions to make.

1. Cut cardstock 4.5" x 11". Score in half at 5.5"

2. Cut matching card stock  4.5" x 4"

3. Along 4" side score at 1", 2" and 3".

4. Fold in half along 2" score line as shown below.

5. Then fold 3" score line back to the 2" fold.

6. Turn over and repeat.

Cardstock should now look like below. 

7. Flatten down and adhere d.s. tape to both outer folds. 

8. Decorate the front of your card at this point as it is easier to adhere whislt still flat. 

9. Open card out flat so the inside is facing up and taking the concertina cardstock adhere one of the d.s. tapes to the right hand edge of the card, lining up both edges so that they match exactly. 

10. Close the concertina down against the edge of the card.   

11. Very carefully close the front of the card down on top and align the edges up as before.

12. Your tent fold card is now complete. 

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Sandra H said...

Beautiful card with instructions too Mrs A you are so good with different designs and encourage lots to try them out enjoy your day xx